Dear Mr Caspar,

Thanks for your prompt response.
All I need from you is to work as the supplier (Middleman) of this product because I do not want my client here to have the direct contact of the producer of the vaccine. I will introduce you to my client here as the distributor/supplier of the vaccine as I have already told them that my foreign partner will supply the vaccine to them.

Once they approve the contract to your company and issue you with their purchase order, they will place the order with your company and make payment to your company. As I have agreed with them, they will be making a part payment of 70% of their total order to your company. On receipt of this part payment, your company will then order the vaccine direct from the producer. As you are placing the order, you will instruct the producer to ship the product direct to the client here in Abidjan. Here in Abidjan, I will be acting as your company representative to take care of the consignment on arrival.

Sir, I want to assure you that this is a very lucrative transaction and we are going to make a lot of profit at the end of each supplies we carry out.You do not need to travel out unless you will prefer to go and meet with the producers after placing the order with them. Sir, is from the 70% part payment that you will order the vaccine direct from the producer.

If you are Ok with my explanations, let me know so that I can provide you with more details of this contract and the producer of the vaccine so that you can contact them to make your inquiry about the vaccine.

Thanks and God bless

Eng. Emmanuel

Dear Eng,

You initially said your buyer was paying it all up front. Now you say it's only 70% up front. At this rate, we'll be buying it all out of pocket by next week. Please tell them 95% up front or no deal.

Don't let them push you around, Eng. They need these vaccines as much as the Eskimos need more ice. Believe me, I've sold a crap-ton of ice to the Eskimos, and I know what I'm talking about. So they'll pay it when push comes to shove, but you have to be firm.

Also, have you found any other buyers yet? We're going to have to have a few more if we're going to make our $25 million minimum.

Who is the vaccine producer? I'm assuming it's the Cowchip Corporation, as they're the world's leading cattle vaccine producer.


P.S. Also, what kind of name is Eng? Is that short for something, or are you an engineer?

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