There is a famous Yoda quote:

“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

If only real life were so linear.

I’m a Yoda fan. But the story is fiction. So is the Jedi wisdom.

Anger is a secondary response. First there is always something else. It could be fear, as Yoda says. But it could also be hate or suffering. It could be sadness, shock, or anything that opens a rift between the way things are “supposed to be” and the way they are.

Then, anger is an amplifier of fear, hatred and suffering. Sometimes it gets directed outward, where it inflicts suffering on others. Sometimes it gets directed inward, where it eats away at you until you find a way to resolve or let go of it. Sometimes both.

Seems like for Anakin Skywalker it was both.