The kid got his yellow belt.

It’s actually his second yellow belt. He earned the first one 6 years ago when we were living in Glens Falls. We took Karate together at the YMCA, and we both received our yellow belts the week before we moved away to Jay. There was no Karate in Jay.

When we moved to Potsdam, we found Tai Kwon Do classes as part of the SUNY extension program. But since Tai Kwon Do is different than Karate, the kid had to start over. A disappointment. But also a big motivation. He really wanted to get that yellow belt back.

He has a friend who is a red belt in the same class. This school has a rule that you can’t get your black belt until you’re 16. So the kid now figures he has 4 years to catch up to his friend so they can both get their black belts together.