A while ago I wrote about WordPress needing to get with the program and start implementing something other than MySQL_ for database access.

My vote was for moving to PDO (Php Data Objects). I didn’t get my way.

The WordPress development team just announced that they went with MySQLi_ (My****Structured** Query Language, i**mproved).

Oh well, you can’t always have everything.

The good news for WordPress users, though, is that starting with WordPress 3.9, scheduled to be released this month, WordPress will use the improved MySQLi_ functions if it’s running on php 5.5 (and higher).

I wish they’d have made the change retroactive down to php 5.3 or 5.4, both of which are still commonly used. I guess they have their reasons. It’s probably easier to start from where we are with php than to go back and make a fix for versions that are on their way out.

I’ll take what I can get. In all, this will be a significant improvement. Hardly anyone will notice — and that’s exactly what makes it so significant.