School is out this week across New York State.

For the last eight years, Brooke has taken teenagers from across the state to New York City, to the UN for a three-day leadership seminar. Most years, the kid and I go with her just to tag along and mess about in the big city. This year, for a variety of last-minute reasons, we’re staying home.

We’ve tried to do some fun things. Last night we had movie night in. This morning we had brunch out.

I’ve tried to make it clear that I have to block out some time to do some work, and that he could do whatever creative activity he felt up to. So far, that’s working. He spent the afternoon making various superhero accessories out of cardboard. He finds the templates online, prints them out and puts them together.

Except one project didn’t quite work out. The instructions called for foam board and a glue gun. We don’t have either of those things around the house, so he did the best he could with cardboard and a glue stick. It didn’t hold up.

He was a little upset about it, but in the end decided that the failure was ok because he learned a lot about how materials work together (and sometimes don’t). Now he’s on to something else.

I’m waiting for the day when the creative process for superhero accessories will start moving in the opposite direction. He’ll start making his own templates and posting them online. Surely, that day is coming soon. We’ve already started talking about his putting his comic stories online. He has several story lines going. Most of them are done in pencil sketches. Pencil sketches on their way to becoming graphic novels.

Not a bad way to spend winter break when it’s way to cold to go outside to play.