WordPress 5 is scheduled for release today.

Earlier this week, one client asked if her site would break. (She’d gotten an email from some marketing guru about it.) I told her that I’m pretty sure things were going to be alright.

I have outfitted all the sites I currently work on with the Classic Editor plugin, so I don’t expect any problems. So far, the plugin has negated any noticeable effects from the Gutenberg fiasco.

On the one hand, I’m saddened (and at times a little angry) about the way the changes to the WP project have unfolded. On the other hand, the world will not end tomorrow. Like the world holding it’s breath for the Y2K computer crashes that never happened. There will be some oddities here and there — is my prediction. But, indeed my confidence in the leadership of the project has been broken.

What remains to be seen is whether the project itself is broken. I hope not, but I suspect that a few years from now this will be the time the online world will point back to and say, “That was the beginning of the end of the WordPress empire.”