Sept 16, 2018 – 9.22a
From: valerie bovi
To: (no recipient)
Subject: Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.
How are you today?My name is Valerie Bovi,i would love to know each other more,I really have something very important to share with you.
kindly get in touch at …..
Waiting to hear you.

Sept 16, 2018 – 2.19p
From: Caspar Green
To: Valerie Bovi
Subject: Re: Nice to meet you.

Hi Valerie,

I’m great today. Thanks for asking!
This important thing sounds very important. Share away!


Sept 16, 2018 – 5.35p
From: Valerie Bovi
To: Caspar Green
Subject: Re: Dear Caspar,…From Valerie

Dear Caspar,

Thank you for your mail.

It will be a welcome development to know you more and i hope everything is going fine with you, your family and work.I thank the name of almighty God for giving me the chance to meet with you and i really wish you accept me as a member of your family.

I am really grateful for a Person of your kind, God bless and keep you longer for us all.I also commit our friendship, relationship and future in the hand of God to direct and give us wisdom, peace and love to understand and build a happily life together towards the future.

I am Miss Valerie Bovi, From Cote D Ivoire. I have some thing important that i need to tell you, but all i need from you is to be honest to me, i want to tell you more about me. it is very painful in my soul to tell you that i am an orphan, And i am living under United Nations Refugee Camp. Please listen, i do not no my biological father or my mother but is only Mr. Robert Bovi, who pick me from motherless babies home and brought me up, but unfortunately, he died on 2nd July 2017 after brief illness, But before his death he call his lawyer to change all the documents into my name as next of kin. which the lawyer did according to his WILL he deposited ($2.8 Million USD Dollar)two million Eight hundred thousand Dollars here in bank in Cote d`Ivoire.

So now his family discovered that all his properties was in my name, They were angry and conspired together to kill me and take this fund from me. so i decided to ran away to Refugee Camp.

I have made the Bank to be aware of that Mr. Robert Bovi is death, and my plans to recover the inheritance. But the bank advised me to find someone who is honest to stand for me because of my age, is not up to the bank law.

so this was the reason why i pick you in this to help me base on the above explanations from the bank, so once this fund is transfer to your country then 30% out from the fund is for you, And i will join you over there in your country immediately to start my education. Please try to know that I am an orphan so if God touches your heart to consider my bad condition to help me then do with all your heart because you are doing it for God.

Please try and make sure that you keep this secrete to yourself only because i did not want anything to happen to this fund.

Thanks and God bless you i will give you more information as soon as i hear a positive response from you.


Sept 16, 2018 – 9.11p
From: Caspar Green
To: Valerie Bovi
Subject: Future Possibilities

Dear Valerie,

I would like nothing better than to build a happily life together towards the future. It must be very hard living under the refugee camp. I live in my parents’ basement, which is under the house.

I’m sorry your family has treated you so poorly. Have you tried family counseling? Maybe things would work out if you could tell each other how you really feel, and then everyone hugs and makes up.

Also, simultaneously trying to know that you are an orphan and figuring out how much is 30% of $2.8 Million is already causing me to secrete profusely.

Best wishes,


Sept 17, 2018 – 3.16a
From: Valerie Bovi
To: Caspar Green
Subject: Re: From Valerie


Thank you for responding so quick to my mail,I am glad for your willingness to help me.Please i am using the reverend fathers computer who is in charge in this camp to communicate with you,Because i am the one appointed to be cleaning and sweeping the office on daily bases.Right now i am in Cote D Ivoire,

I chose you because i want my fund to be invest in your field of management and to be properly done by you,I trust you and i want you to trust me as well.

The money will be transfer to your account in your country by bank to bank transfer,It is not risky because i have ask the bank some question about the transfer and they explained every necessary thing to me,The bank told me that all you need is just a lawyer here who will get a Certificate on your name from the Ministry of Justice here,The bank said that the certificate is called AFFIDAVIT OF CLAIM and this certificate is a prove that you are the rightful appointed recipient of the Fund and also that the Fund is a Money Laundry Free,And this document will be sent to you to sign and send back by email to the lawyer to submit a copy to the bank here,While the bank here will forward a copy to your own bank in your country,Meaning that your Bank and Govt. will be aware that such amount is legally coming into your account.

I also want to say another thing to you,i explained about my life and what i am passing through to you because i hope for a helping hand from you to get this transfer done into your account to enable me to join you in your country and continue my studies while you invest the money on my behalf properly there in your country.I am giving you the assurance that you will never regret helping me in life.

Now according to my inquiry from the bank here,they needed me to introduce you officially to them as my Foreign appointed partner who will receive my Fund in his country on my behalf. It is required that you have to send your details to me such as.

Full name….
Phone Number….
A photo

Valerie BoviWith this information i will send a letter of Introduction on your behalf and submit to the bank and then they will let us know what is the next line of procedures,Everything will be process in a legal way i assure you.

Please it is very important that you keep everything about this transaction Secret for security reasons until we complete the transaction.I have attach my photo in this mail

I hope to hear from you.

Ms Valerie

Sept 17 – 9.49a
From: Caspar Green
To: Valerie Bovi
Subject: Investments

Dear Valerie,

Thank you for the photo. What a beautiful young woman you have become. It is a testimony to Mr. Robert Bovi that he raised you so well even though, as you said previously, he is death.

I agree that we should keep this absolutely secret. There are many scam artists out there who take advantage of people who are not careful.

As for investing your money, I think we should put it into bamboo. Bamboo is very lucky, and people use it to make lots of craft projects. Also, it is good for the pandas. A friend of mine says bamboo is going places.

Here is the information for your bank that you asked for. Just as you asked me to keep a secret, I hope you will keep my information secret as well.

![Photo for Valerie](
Photo for Valerie. (Image from the [Random User Generator](, “Top Secret” stamp added.)
Full name: Caspar Green Address: 3415 Vision Drive, Columbus, OH 43219–6009 USA [1](#bovi-note1) Phone number: 867–5309 [2](#bovi-note2) Age: Old enough to be Valerie Bovi’s grandfather (judging by her picture) Occupation: Amateur Investment Strategist A Photo: See attached

Sept 18, 2018 – 2.45p
From: Caspar Green
To: Valerie Bovi
Subject: Did you get it?


I hope all is well over there in Cote D Ivoire under the refugee camp with the Reverend Father.

Did you get my previous email with information for the bank?

It occurs to me that while we’re waiting for the bank to process all the papers, you might ask the Reverend Father to spot you a few quarters for your laundry money. He seems like a generous sort of chap, letting you use his computer and such.



It seems that something awful has happened to Valerie at this point, as she no longer responds. This should probabaly not be surprising; the risks for a child fleeing from a murderous family and living with a Reverend Father under a refugee camp seem rather high.

1 Address is Chase Bank Customer Service.
2 Phone number courtesy of Tommy Tutone