Today I added two projects to the iCaspar Web Development production schedule.

  1. I’ll be building a new site for the New York State Council of Churches. Currently, it’s a Google Site. They need some flexibility that the freebee Google site structure just doesn’t offer. The administrative interface has been giving them fits, too.
  2. I’ll be rebuilding the website for Pal Craftaid. I did this site for them a couple years ago, but they’ve outgrown it. Right now it’s an informational site. They need to fully implement an e-commerce site where people can buy their stuff online instead of just looking at lists. (You can buy some of it online, but it’s a separate e-commerce installation.) They need a better way to lay out their front page. And the photo galleries around the site need an update. We’ve been talking about it for a long time, but now it’s finally on the front burner.

Both of these are going to be custom builds on WordPress with theme design and functionality to match the specific needs of their organizations. I’m looking forward to tackling them.

I have just a couple slots left on the production schedule for the summer and into fall. (In case you want to get on it!)