Today’s post is the 63rd post since restarting this blog exactly two months ago.

In the second month, I tried a few new things:

In this second month, I started getting a little bit of traffic. Not a lot. I’m seeing 9 page views per day on average. For a blog that I’ve intentionally not publicized at all, this is fine.

Of the traffic I’ve been getting, two or three page views each day come from Google searches. Most of those searches are people who come looking for the picture of Uncle Sam Jesus. Another few come from family members who’ve found the blog. Since the Daily Prompt and writing challenge posts, I’ve had a few readers from the WordPress blog network.

Along with some page views this month, the blog has garnered it’s first few comments. That meant addressing the custom template’s comment display functionality.

More important than the traffic and comment numbers, though, I’ve kept my commitment to post something every day.

To the few people who do read this, thanks for reading and for your support. Especially, thanks to those who took time to comment.

Here’s to starting month #3!