I’ve been less and less satisfied with the Twitter app that comes with OS-X. More frequently than is called for, it pops up with a “too many connections” notice that, when you dismiss it, pops back up again and again. You end up dismissing it way too many times. Or you force quit the app and start over.

So I checked out a couple of apps: Twitterific and TweetBot.

Twitterific worked fine. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time, or look in the right places. But I couldn’t manage to get at or edit my account settings or see my followers/following lists from within the app. Bummer. The whole point of having an app is so that you don’t have to go to the website to do most of that.

TweetBot is an app that I had used a couple years ago and gave up on. Back then, it didn’t offer much beyond what the OSX app had, so using the one that came with the OS was easier. But it’s come a long way since. (Or the OS app has gone downhill a long way.) But firing it back up after 2 years was a pleasant surprise. It has everything I was looking for and missing. Recommend.