So, yeah. Up until a couple weeks ago, I used a WordPress plugin called Jetpack on this and several other sites.

Jetpack is a popular plugin, a whole suite of plugins, really. Everything from a markdown editor, to backups, to added gallery sliders, to infinite scrolling, to site statistics. It’s popular because it’s useful in so many ways. And it’s built and maintained by Automattic, one of the biggest players in the WordPress world. So it’s solid.

Over the past couple years, though, it’s come to the point where it’s just grown too big. I just don’t need most of the things. Besides the statistics (which I can get from Google Analytics) and the markdown editor (which I can get by without easily enough) I just wasn’t using very much of it. The social sharing buttons were also handy, but I have a calendar plugin that takes care of that now, too. The minimalist in me started agitating for trimming down.

Mostly, I don’t miss it at all. And, truth be told, the couple of things I do miss, will likely goad me toward writing my own plugins to do those few things, and maybe some others besides.

I’m not saying anyone should turn off Jetpack. If you’re a Jetpack user and its working for you, by all means carry on. But every once in a while, it’s worth taking a hard look at what you’re really using, and whether it comes with a lot of extra baggage. So it goes for websites and a lot of other things in life, too.

Bells and whistles are nice. Lean and clean are better.