Not a regular Tuesday, though. It’s Veteran’s Day.

This morning Silas was out with me walking the dog. As we passed across the street from the post office I mentioned that there is no mail today. He says: “That’s right. Today is the day for respecting the flag.” Then he turns to face across the street where the flag is flying outside the closed post office. He stands at attention. He salutes the flag. A long salute. Two or three minutes go by. Then he starts singing the Star Spangled Banner. Only he sings it in his Fred voice. (You might never have heard of Fred if you don’t have a 5th grader. Consider yourself fortunate.) So much for respecting the flag.

Brooke has gone to New York City. A three-day trip for a 2-hour meeting. It’s what you do when the boss tells you to, nevermind the ineffective use of time. Let’s just say, Life’s too short for this.

Silas has gone to Glens Falls with friends. I offered to do something fun with him this afternoon, but being with friends rates higher, even though the reason for their trip is to go to the dentist. Silas is not seeing their dentist. He’s going to wait. In the dentist’s waiting room.

It dawns on me that I am less exciting than a dentist’s waiting room. Oh well.

So I and the dog and the three cats are working on putting the finishing touches on a website we (yes, I and the dog and the three cats) are launching on Friday night.

Later, after the kid gets home, goes to dance class and gets home again, I’ll make a pizza. We’ll do the homework. We’ll have ice cream.