Yes, it’s March. Yes, this is an indicator of how often I look at my blog statistics. But for the curious, here are the 10 most viewed posts last year. (Not all of them were written in 2017.)

  1. Vary the WooCommerce Product Archive Grid by Category vs Subcategory
  2. CodeKit vs. Gulp
  3. I’m Caspar Green
  4. How to Use WooCommerce Without the Cart
  5. Updating to El Capitan Breaks Vagrant
  6. Home Renovations: Stairs and Front Hall
  7. Using jQuery Masonry for WordPress Responsive Widgets
  8. Ems, Rems and Px: And One Sass Mixin to Rule Them All
  9. I Threw Away my Magellan GPS
  10. Namespacing and Class Autoloader for WordPress Themes