According to the proverb: “A poor workman blames his tools.”

These tools won’t make you a better developer. But they’ll make your life easier.

PhpStorm / Sublime Text

Version 9 is out, and it’s better than ever. I’ve also long been a big fan of Sublime Text, and I use that too when a full development environment isn’t called for. But when you’re deep into a bigger project, PhpStorm is well worth the hundred bucks. Get it when you’re between projects because it’s huge and will take you a week or so of fiddling with smaller stuff to get it seasoned to taste.


Version control is essential. Can we just agree on that? And, no, you don’t really need a gui app for git. Your command terminal will do just fine. But if you develop on a Mac and you’re using git flow — which, if you’re not, why? — Tower is going to be your friend.

Photo Credit: Ard Hesselink