Anyone who knows me probably knows that over the years I’ve started quite a few blogs and other sorts of websites.

I started off in 1999 with That’s still where most of my email ends up.

When I lived in Fort Ann, I started When we moved from there, I passed that on to someone else. I guess they didn’t keep it up. I can’t say I’m surprised about that. The domain is for sale. You can buy it for $2,195.

About that time, I also started with, but didn’t do much with it until 2005, when I started the website business to help friends and family who were asking for help with their websites.

iCaspar and CasparWorld got started during our time in Glens Falls. Those were the first blogs.

Then came Pastor on the Edge. Then, about the time we moved to Jay, FairTradeFamily (a short-lived experiment) and Scarlet Letter Bible. Concurrently, I had a blog called The Pastor’s Husband that seemed like a good idea for stories about crazy things that happen in church. It might have worked if I’d taken the time to develop it.

Finally, last year, I started with this blog, Sunday Epidemic. At first, I thought it would be another go at church stuff. But I don’t enjoy writing about church stuff. So I scratched that and restarted it as my daily public journal.

The thing is, both iCaspar and CasparWorld are sort of the same thing. After all these years I’m ready to admit that I really only have time for one blog.

Last week when the hosting account came up for renewal I dropped FairTradeFamily and Pastor’s Husband. I’m too attached to iCaspar and CasparWorld to let them go. I’m hanging onto Town Fool, too, even though I’ve changed the business to iCaspar Web Development. (Town Fool didn’t inspire much confidence.) Maybe someday I’ll attempt some other foolishness with that.

For now, though, (I have to keep telling myself) I really only have time for one.