Today is the third monthiversary of Sunday Epidemic, and this is the 91st post.

Month three included the addition of sticky posts to the Epidemic theme. A small thing.

Over the course of the month, I wrote several posts that turned out to be personal favorites. Among them:

They’re personal favorites because they gave me a chance reflect on some less than flattering experiences from my childhood. It was cathartic for me at least, and I hope sorta entertaining for anyone who chances across them.

The site is getting an average of 13 page views a day. Admittedly, that’s small potatoes. But that’s ok. At this stage, the point is to practice showing up with a new post every day. If it turns out to be something interesting to anyone else, so much the better.

Again, my thanks to everyone who does read, and especially to those who leave their own thoughts in the comments. (Seth gets the prize — a mention in this post — for being the most prolific commentator this month.)