I’ve been posting here (and other places) for a long time. Sometimes regularly, sometimes with long stretches between posts.

This morning, apropos of Seth Godin’s recent post, I’m resolving to begin (again) a daily habit of posting.

Because I’m thankful for all the posts of all those who’ve put themselves out there over the years, people sharing posts that have helped me along the way.

There are too many of you to mention by name. I’ve read too many people on so many things it would be impossible to attempt. As wild as the internet has become, it’s still possible, when you look intentionally, to find people doing great things every day in just about every field of endeavor. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them. And if you are, I’d love it if you’d pop a note into the comments to remind me who you are and where I can find (or re-discover) your work.

Thank you.