Years ago I drove the ambulance for a volunteer rescue squad. One thing they taught me as part of my training was that great speed doesn’t always save time. Even when you’re authorized to exceed the speed limit and have the right of way through red lights, the time you save going faster is not as much as you think it should be.

Now, years later, we live in a rural place where most of the major roads are one lane in either direction. On a recent trip someone in a pickup truck, apparently in a great hurry, passed us on a double-yellow line. We weren’t going slow. It was a reckless thing to do.

15 minutes later we arrived at a traffic light where the road was down to 1 lane across a bridge partly closed for construction. The same pickup truck was waiting at the light behind several other cars. Passing us had saved him zero time. Zero.

We followed that pickup truck all the way to the next town. He couldn’t get around the cars in front from the light. (He made several attempts, swerving out across the double yellow, only to have to duck back in when oncoming traffic appeared.)

With great hurry comes great frustration.

Don’t run for trains.

Don’t race for yellow lights.

And don’t pass on a double yellow.

Taking your time will often get you where you want to be more quickly.