The last 2 weeks have finally started to see some warmer weather here in way-upstate New York. The kind of weather you can go for a walk in without bundling up in layers.

So I’ve been walking more recently.

I take the dog out for a 20 minute walk in the morning after the kid is off to school. Then, if it’s not raining, the dog and I walk to the school in the early afternoon to meet the kid when the last bell rings.

Between these walks, I do my code work.

Quite often, I’ll have been working for 2 or 4 hours on a problem when the time comes for the afternoon walk. And almost as often, the solution has come to me as I’ve been walking.

When this first happened, I wondered if I’d remember the solution well enough to get it into code later on. But in every case so far these walking solutions have been so clear that coming back to them a few hours later or the next morning was easily done.

The takeaway: getting out for a walk after a few hours of puzzling over a thorny problem, in addition to all the other benefits your health coach will sell you, is a catalyst for finding a solution.

Take a walk!