Mace Chasm Farm

Over in Keeseville the Mace Chasm Farm has a little butcher shop where you can get just about any kind of locally grown-right-there-on-the-farm meat you want any time of year.

Last night and every Thursday night during the summer they have a little food truck set up in the farm driveway serving tacos. You can get just about any flavor except fish. They also have homemade mint ice tea. (If you want anything other than that you have to BYOB.)

Last night we went over to try out the tacos. We highly recommend the chicken and the chorizo.

The guy in the trailer making them spent some time traveling around Mexico. I’ve never been to Mexico, so I have no basis to judge whether they’re authentic. I can say they’re tasty.

They have a few picnic boards (not tables, boards) set up on hay bails around the yard. Old-timey music playing on some iPod speakers next to the butcher shop. It was like having dinner in a scene from O Brother, Where Art Thou. Even if you didn’t like the movie (and who, other than my dad, didn’t like the movie?), it’s a really neat place to eat tacos.

If you happen to be going anywhere near Keeseville on a Thursday night, this is something you’ll want to check out.