I love summer. Here in the north country summer is short and sweet. Last year I think it happened on a Wednesday. Maybe on a couple Wednesdays.

There were a couple days in late May when it reached the low 90s and stayed in the 80s through the night. Since then it’s been back down into the 60s by day and 40s by night, so summer may be over. We’ll see.

Now that summer makes an appearance here for a day or two out of every couple weeks, it got me thinking about summer pajamas.

I used to have these, but since our last move they’ve gone missing. Last time I was at Walmart (because here in Potsdam Walmart has run any other place you might look out of business) I circled the men’s clothes area several times before concluding that they don’t carry men’s pajamas.

When I got home I started looking for them online, only to find that even in cyberspace the selection of men’s summer pajamas is pretty sparse.

This makes me think that very few men are wearing pajamas these days. And what’s with that?

I ended up on the Land’s End website where you can buy men’s summer pajamas as separates. Each item is over $30. So you end up with a $68 pajama set. It adds up fast. This wasn’t what I was expecting to spend on pajamas when I started out at Walmart. I was thinking maybe 18 bucks.

So I have summer pajamas coming in the mail. And, if I’m lucky, they’ll get here before summer in the north country is over. Even if they don’t that’s ok. I’m sure they’re going to be so comfortable that I’m going to turn the thermostat up to 88 at night so I can wear them year round.