When getting rid of clutter, half of the battle is getting stuff put away and getting rid of extra stuff. So far, so good. I’ve been quietly working on that for a while now.

The other half of the battle, I am now discovering, is to stem the tide of new stuff coming in.

Without part 2 happening, there’s only so far part 1 will get you.

I’ve suggested to my family, as a general practice, that we ought to get rid of at least one thing, if not more, for every new thing we bring into the house.

It’s easier said than done. This week alone, we’ve probably brought between 10 and 15 new items in (excluding groceries) and nothing has gone out.

Every other week or so, we send a bag of things out. But it’s not nearly as much as we bring in. I’m afraid we will soon be completely buried in stuff.

I haven’t got a good solution for this part of the de-junking equation yet. All I know is that the present level of stuff intake is unsustainable.