Today is haircut day.

I drive an hour and a half back to Glens Falls to get my hair cut. Every six weeks, whether I need it or not.

Gina cuts my hair.

When we moved from Glens Falls three years ago, I tried a few haircut places around here. There are plenty to choose from. There are so many salons around here you can’t throw a rock without hitting one.

The first place I tried, the woman standing in the doorway smoking a cigarette and no other customers in sight said, “I can’t do it now, and nobody else is here today.” I think that place must be a front for the mafia.

Across the street there was another place. One of the women in there cut my hair that day. When I tried to make an appointment with her six weeks later, she was gone.

Brooke was getting her hair cut in Lake Placid. She said, try the woman who does my hair. I did. A haircut with her took close to 2 hours. My picture is on the sidebar. You can see I don’t have that much hair. I don’t have a fancy, complicated haircut. I don’t have highlights or stripes (or whatever you call them) or coloring or a permanent. I think she must have been cutting one hair at a time.

Next time I went to a third place. They said, “Come on in. We’ll find someone to do it.” They did. She did fine. The next time I called, that woman wasn’t there any more either. They gave me a another haircutter. She gave me a mullet.

That’s when I decided to going back to Gina in Glens Falls every six weeks.

She’s been on the corner of Bay and Fulton Street for I don’t know how long. Reliable.

She can do a simple haircut in 15 minutes. Efficient.

She’s never given me a mullet. Competent. (She probably would if I asked her to, but I’ve never asked.)

Shoddy stuff and shoddy service are commonplace. Even in a crowded field like haircutting you can stand out by simply being reliable, efficient and competent.

You don’t have to be the “best haircutter on the planet.” Gina is not Vidal Sassoon, and doesn’t pretend to be. “People” still drive 85 miles, one way, for Gina to cut their hair.