In Dublin (Ireland), 53.3478° North, this morning the weather is rainy and 50°F (10°C).

In Jay (New York, USA), 44.375° North, this morning it’s sunny and -16°F (-27°C).

Dublin is farther north by almost 10° latitude. Yet it’s 65°F warmer there than here.

It has to do with ocean currents that pull warmer weather from the caribbean to western Europe. (Which is also why it’s rainy there. Condensing humid tropical air.) We get the southerly flow of dry frozen air from the Canadian arctic plains.

Adirondack is the Mohawk word for “they eat trees.” Because to survive here against winters that bring -16° days in mid March people used to resort to eating tree bark.

All this explains why, in spite of many people’s best efforts to import them, Ireland has leprechauns and we don’t. Nothing that small that doesn’t hibernate can survive the winters here.