St. Jude the Apostle is, by tradition, the patron saint of lost causes.

I find myself now and again, as I try out new content management systems, feeling as if I should be joining with those who pray to St. Jude.

And then (God help me!) I find myself toying with the notion that the only way I’ll find one that I like is to build a CMS myself.

They say that building a CMS is a useful learning exercise, but to build one for real is asking for trouble. I believe them.

Just looking at the options for CMS available in the Softaculous page in my hosting’s cPanel, there are at least 20 listed there. Some of them haven’t been updated in 3 or more years and probably shouldn’t even be there. Building one that is any good at all is a herculean challenge. Not to mention ongoing updates, security considerations…. The list goes on and on.

So I guess I’ll stick with hunting out the best from what’s currently on offer.

St. Jude, help us all!