There’s a new waffle shop here in Potsdam: Soul Waffle.

For those of you who live in “metropolitan areas”, maybe that’s not a big deal. But here, where it’s pretty much Wal-Mart or drive 90 minutes, a waffle shop is a big deal.

Brooke and I went to try it out for lunch, and it was actually pretty good. That also came as a relief. A couple years ago a Hawaiian food lunch counter opened here. It’s awful. Don’t ever go there. Really. One of their specials is “Spam on a stick”. I kid you not. Just. Don’t.

But the Soul Waffle is good. They have both sweet and savory waffle options – something for everyone. It’s just waffles. No pancakes, or other breakfast food, or sandwiches, or wraps. I’ve got to give them credit: doing 1 thing well.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Soul Waffle!