They’re predicting snowmageddon again today.

It’s the umpteenth time this year.

As if they couldn’t find anything else scary enough to get the news ratings up over the last day or so. (You can only play the deaths of famous people so far.)

“Let’s tell them to watch out for a winter storm,” they say. “Then they’ll all be glued to their sets for a day waiting for updates.”

By now they’re like the boy who cried wolf with their snowmageddon predictions.

We live in the Adirondacks. They’ve held the Winter Olympics just up the street from here. Twice. (1938 and 1980.) Snow here is not news. Even a couple feet of snow here is not news.

What’s news is that there’s not snow here this year. We have two inches of ice on the ground. Climate change is wreaking havoc on the economy here. No skiers. That’s news.

Snowmaggedon? Bring it.

Or, as the three little pigs might say, “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!”