Snake in SinkA snake has taken up residence in our upstairs bathroom sink.

The kid won it at a birthday party game last Saturday. It’s one of those that starts out as a tiny bit of plastic and you put it in water and it grows. This one also glows in the dark.

Unfortunately, having a snake in the sink makes other sink essentials like hand-washing, tooth-brushing and shaving more difficult.

I keep taking the snake out and leaving it on the kid’s desk chair. But it keeps coming back to the sink.

Last time it was a water-growing plastic lizard. The lizard lived in the downstairs sink. It died. The cats ate it. Maybe, if the snake moves to the downstairs sink, the cats will eat it, too.

Or, I suppose, it could move into the tupperware cake box.

What do you think? Where’s the best place to keep a plastic snake that needs to be in water?