I spent most of the day moving WordPress installations from one host to another.

In all, I moved three sites.

I’ve done enough of them now that the process is pretty routine. Every now and again, though, I run into obstacles.

Of the three I moved today, only one went completely without a glitch.

Number two was on a shared host that kept crashing as I was trying to get the files off. Short story: it took much longer than it should have.

Number three was hosted on a private server. The old host had it installed differently, shall we say, than the norm. In an effort to make it more secure, I suppose. Things had to be rearranged to bring it back into line.

As I was trying to figure out that third site, it occurred to me that paranoia and hubris often seem to run together.

In an attempt to make the site more secure, somebody thought he (I’m assuming he) could outsmart the whole world by installing things in funny places and then writing his own code in an attempt to obscure everything.

He ended up with a less secure poorly performing site. And it was still pretty obvious to even a casual hacker that it had started out as WordPress.

Oh well.

Most of the time they call them “best practices” for a reason.