Every now and then you get to see some of the ripple effect of something you had a small part in.

Last Sunday I got one of those glimpses.

Two weeks ago when I was at Caldwell Presbyterian I gave this sermon. Last Sunday, a couple shared with me an email they received from their daughter later that week. She had been visiting them for the day.

Hi mop [sic] and pop, I just thought I would mention what happened to me on the way home from lake George (aside from forgetting my splints!), I was anxious to get home and take care of the horses before it turned dark, so was preoccupied with watching the clock. I was just coming into Rutland, VT down the big hill on Rt 4. It seems like I NEVER get a green light at the bottom of the hill, so this time I got right up to the light and don’t you know, it turned red.

I was first in line so I knew it would be several minutes until the light turned which gave me time to look around and stop concentrating on the clock. I was stopped next to a van and behind the van was a disheveled, thin man with a sorry looking dog wrapped in a blanket. I realized he was pan handling and not having any luck with the driver of the van. In the past I would have averted my eyes and hoped he wouldn’t come over to my car. But this day I called him over and gave him some money, hoping he would use it for food for himself and his dog. When he said, “God bless you”, I realized the message from the sermon in church that morning was playing out in my life. Was this a test from God? It sure made me feel good inside. If you see Caspar, let him know his message reached at least one person in church that day and thank him.