I’ve noticed several articles, tweets, posts and other what-have-you over the past couple weeks about developers moving away from Apple, (back) to Windows.

I remember watching last October’s Apple “event” around the new Macbook Pro. It was actually the first Apple presentation I’d ever watched live. What I remember most about it was what a disappointing experience it was. It had probably been something else entirely when Steve Jobs was alive to do them.

They announced all the wonders of this new update to the Macbook, and I was glad I’d already bought mine (late 2013). I guess I still don’t get the touch bar thing.

Talk was then that Apple had abandoned developers and software professionals and, indeed, people who use computers, to focus on phones. The talk was more melodramatic than it had to be: I doubt that Apple is going to stop making computers any time soon.

However, as my trusty late 2013 Macbook Pro keeps chugging faithfully along, I have thought over the past couple years that if they ever got around to a new Mac Pro, I’d be interested. My Macbook does everything I need it to, but it gets awfully hot running my heaviest apps at once and driving 2 or 3 screens simultaneously. I’d feel better if there were more power and cooling capacity on board.

Now that Apple has announced plans for a new Mac Pro, I’ll be watching carefully early next year (and saving my pennies). From what I’ve seen of the expectations for the new Mac Pro, I think my future is still with Macs. But if it turns out that the Mac Pro is a disappointment, I’m still not at all tempted to move back to Windows. I may well move to a high end PC and run with Linux.