I’ve sometimes posted blurbs about books I’ve been reading. Earlier this month, for the new year, I started a new page with an single list of books for 2018 to keep track of all of them in the same place.

The WordPress dashboard has a handy list of recent and upcoming posts, where as soon as you log in you can single-click to edit the 5 most recent posts and the 5 nearest upcoming posts. But there’s nothing out-of-the-box for pages. (It’s assumed that pages are mostly content that doesn’t change very often.)

It stands to reason that the most recently edited pages on my site are the ones I will most likely want to edit again. (The Least Recently Used, or LRU, caching algorithm!) And so it is with the books page, every time I want to update what I’ve been reading (a couple times a week) I have to click into the full listing of pages and then hunt down the books page. The next most recently edited (and true to the algorithm’s prediction, the next most often edited) page is my “About” page.

The Books page, being fairly recent, is near, but not at, the top of the full list where I’d like it to be. The About page, though, since it was one of the first pages I ever created, is near the bottom. Scroll, scroll, scroll. Yuck.

Then it hit me: I want a 1-click link to edit pages, too! The 5 most recently edited pages ought to do 90% or more of the time I want to edit a page.

So I built a little Recently Edited Pages Dashboard Widget. Why not? A little Sunday afternoon project to exercise the brain!

Ever want a 1-click link to edit recent pages? Download the plugin! (Requires WP 4.9+ / PHP 7.1+) Or, if you’re curious about building a little dashboard widget of your own, take a look at the code on Github.