For the first time in more than 12 years, this afternoon I’m playing bridge.

More accurately, I’m trying to remember how to play bridge.

Two weeks ago we had to change Silas’s piano lesson from Friday to Wednesday. Wednesday is Rotary night. I took Silas to piano lessons. Brooke went to Rotary in my place.

At the Rotary meeting, she mentioned that I used to play bridge. I don’t know how it came up.

One of the other Rotary members plays bridge every Friday. She got very excited. “We’re always looking for players to fill in,” she said.

Brooke didn’t tell me about it until the next week. Just before Rotary. “By the way, if she asks you about playing bridge,” Brooke said, “it’s because I mentioned it last week.”

Sure enough, she asked me about playing bridge.

I told her I haven’t played in years. I’d be terrible.

She didn’t care. Anybody who could attempt it without them having to teach the whole game from zero would do.

So today is the day. She’s coming round to get me at 12:45.

So I’m going to skip dance class and review Stayman and Gerber conventions.

13 point hand opens.

16-18 point balanced hand opens 1NT.