Not because I’m interested in Pinterest. A client needed a website linked to Pinterest. I needed to test pin something from the client’s site.

Since I’m new, Pinterest has no idea what I’m interested in, other than that I live in the United States and I’ve visited exactly one Pinterest board (the client I test pinned ). So I have a feed full of nearly random stuff:

  • Recipes for white chicken chili,
  • The five best self tanners,
  • A picture of someone’s dream car (a Chrysler sedan),
  • Fresh pineapple margaritas,
  • Someone’s indoor hammocks in a loft apartment,
  • A woman doing a camel yoga pose,
  • Someone’s wall cubby organizer with all the cubbies filled and more stuff still on the floor,
  • Jennifer Aniston’s latest summer t-shirt, short-shorts and hat ensemble,
  • Step-by-step tree-houses
  • The perfect summer swing dress
  • Angelina Jolie in a new one-shoulder full-length dress, “a great style for bridesmaids”
  • How to make a festive Japanese lantern out of an aluminum beer can

On and on it goes. Another whole universe of random stuff.

Reminds me a little of paging through women’s magazines while waiting to get a haircut. Probably because the demographic of the client’s site is 20- to 30-something women.

It’s a bit surreal scrolling through all this stuff. I try to make some meaning of it, but there isn’t any. Without any context, it’s just stuff.

The ultimate experience in making your own meaning ex nihilo.