Without ever having done anything to indicate my interests other than visit one board, my feed has been almost all stuff about weddings, how to braid my hair, tattoo suggestions, recipes, cleaning and stain removal tips, and which workouts will get me the ass I’ve always wanted.

I assumed the preponderance of wedding and craft items was from having visited that one board when I opened the account, and that that board had already established a certain demographic.

I started to wonder what would happen if I started a completely new Pinterest account without visiting any boards or giving them any indication of anything at all other than my name and email address.

So I did. And…

The Pinterest algorithm gives me essentially the same feed.

Either these items are simply what’s trending on the Pinterest network at any given time, or Pinterest filters assume that anonymous new accounts are most likely to be hipster brides, wanna-be brides, and twenty-something moms.

Or, the two possibilities above amount to essentially the same thing.