Just after New Years, I discovered there is a Lego store across the way from the Apple store at the Crossgates Mall in Albany.

I didn't have Legos when I was a kid. Then, when my kid was 10 years old, we had lots of Legos. He grew out of his interest in them, and we gave most of them away.

We had time to kill while we were waiting for our Apple appointment, so I went in to look around. It occurred to me this might be a good thing to do on Sunday afternoons to unwind after the morning church circuit is done.

So it began. I bought Poe Dameron's X-Wing Fighter. On Sunday afternoons I assemble 1 bag of bricks.

What follows is a photo journal of the build.

The package:

X-Wing Package Front
Package Front
X-Wing package back
Package Back

The contents:

X-Wing package contents
The kit comes with 6 bags of bricks and an assembly instruction book.

Completion of Bag 1:

Poe Dameron, R2-D2, and core of X-Wing
Bag 1 completes the X-Wing core body, Poe Dameron and R2-D2

Completion of Bag 2:

X-Wing on completion of Bag 2
Bag 2 extends the X-Wing core body out to the base of the cockpit and nose.

Completion of Bag 3:

X-Wing on completion of bag 3
Bag 3 builds out the cockpit, droid seat and body stern. 

Completion of Bag 4:

X-Wing, Jannay and Knight of Ren figures after completion of bag 4
Bag 4 adds the port wing pair, Jannah, and the Knight of Ren.

Completion of Bag 5:

X-Wing after completion of Bag 5
Bag 5 completes the starboard wing pair.

The completed X-Wing

X-Wing after completion of Bag 6
Bag 6 adds the finishing touches: Engine intakes and aft thrust units, wingtip blasters, and boarding ladder

About half way through Silas figured out what I was doing, so we worked on the second half of the project together.

Meanwhile, on a subsequent trip to the Apple store to pick up the repaired computer I picked up the next project: the Sith TIE Fighter.