Very few things need to be absolutely perfect before you start.

A rocket launch might qualify. Surgery. Firing up a nuclear power generator. There are probably a few others.

The vast majority of things you might start up can be fine tuned as you go along.

Your web site launch doesn’t need to be glitchless before going live. If a button is a little out of place, you can fix it on the fly.

The new program your Rotary Club is contemplating doesn’t need to have all the details completely ironed out beforehand. Something is bound to come up that you didn’t think of ahead of time. That’s why you have the talent and dedication of your members to deal with new contingencies as they arise.

A new product doesn’t have to be flawless. Release a “beta” version, and upgrade for free when the kinks get worked out.

Eating more vegetables doesn’t have to mean going vegan cold turkey. Get some freezer packs and pop em in the microwave if you can’t bring yourself to cut fresh ones ahead of time right away.

Perfect isn’t nearly as necessary as you think. Starting, and then keeping at it, is way more important.