I stayed up way too late on Saturday night working on my new Arras WordPress theme project.

Bringing it up to date after it’s having been almost two years discontinued is a bigger job than I expected.

I can see light at the end of the tunnel for the next release, though. I’m thinking of setting a date for a release in June.

My temptation is to allow myself to indulge in “mission creep.” As I find and fix things ideas for adding new features keep coming to mind. I want to do them all. Eventually I might. But I can’t do it all right away, and there are too many major fixes that need to “go public” sooner rather than later.

This calls for a level of self-discipline, or maybe patience, I’m not used to. Both for saving things for later, and for going to bed at a more reasonable time.

Besides being the name of this WordPress theme, it turns out that Arras is a region in northern France.

It’s given me the chance to page through a lot of pictures of that part of the world. Looks like it could be nice.

Maybe some day I’ll visit there.

Put that on the list of things I’ll have to be patient for.