Jane is the only person I’ve ever known to have escaped Facebook. I’ve known a lot of people to try. Heck, I’ve even tried myself once or twice.

In the days leading up to her escape, she reflected that, though she appreciated being able to stay in touch with people, the constant stream of negativity was bringing her down. “I don’t need that,” she said. “People who really want to keep in touch with me will find a way.”

There’s still email. The Postal Service still delivers 6 days a week, most weeks. She’s not keeping her address and phone number a secret from anyone who really is a friend.

So she closed down her facebook account. Not just “the option to put it “Deactivated” where it goes into hibernation until the next time you log on. She Deleted it. Never to appear in Facebook world again.

Some might say she was just an old curmudgeon, unable to cope with the modern world or to change with the times. A Neanderthal. A dinosaur.

I like to think of her as ahead of her time. A Pathfinder. She realized what was happening and followed through on extricating herself from it long before the rest of us.

Now, if you’re Jane’s friend and you want to spend time with her, you have to meet her face-to-face for tea. Which, if you knew Jane, would totally make your day.