Sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Sometimes sprinting does.

But it depends on what kind of race and on whether a race is even an apt metaphor for what you’re doing. Is there really a finish line?

Two weeks ago I went too fast on one thing and too slow on another, all at the same time. Last week I realized that a couple of things were going to take way more time than I originally thought. I had to simply stop one, and re-assess the time and energy for the other.

Like dominoes, once I’d made those changes, other projects also needed rethinking.

Pacing itself is one of those things without a finish line. Life unfolds. Unanticipated things happen. Most of it is out of control. Most of the time you can’t change it. It is what it is, and trying to make it something else leads to frustration and suffering.

What you can do is make adjustments. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Sometimes rearranging priorities altogether.

At least, that’s what works for me, when I remember it.