While I was back to the house where I grew up in Canton, Ohio last week my mother showed me a clipping from the paper about plans to redo the “12th street corridor.”

It’s of interest because the house is just off 12th street. 12th street runs most of the way through the town crossing several neighborhoods.

The stretch along my old neighborhood had been named the “Safety Corridor phase” of the renewal project.

Presumably city officials named it the Safety Corridor because the neighborhood is considered unsafe. Apparently someone at city hall thought that calling it the safety corridor would magically make it safer to walk the streets there at night. Or, perhaps under Ohio law when you call something a “safety corridor” it designates the area as a place where police can use their tanks and submachine guns at will.

In either case, the new name for the neighborhood gave it the feeling of being significantly less safe.

Thank you, Mr. Orwell.