My bicycle had a flat tire. The hole was right next to the valve, so it wouldn’t have been easy to patch.

Brooke stopped by the bicycle shop in Keene, Leapoff Cycles, on Monday to get a new inner tube. The bicycle guy found the right size tube easily enough. They got back up to the cash register and Brooke pulled out her credit card.

“Oh,” he said. “We don’t accept credit cards on purchase under $10.”

“How much is this?” she asked.


“No problem,” Brooke said. “I’m coming by here tomorrow morning anyway. I’ll get it then.”

“No,” he said. “You take it. Your husband needs to ride his bike. I know you’ll come back and pay me next time you’re in town.”

“Really,” Brooke said. “It’s not a problem. I’m coming by again tomorrow. I’ll buy it then.”

“No,” he said. “Take it now.”

So she did.

Yesterday she went back and paid for it.

If you’re ever in Keene, NY and need anything bicycle, go to Leapoff.