The kid is banned from all screen activities this week. Don’t ask.

The upshot is that we’ve been finding other things to do. We’ve played a lot of board games.

Yesterday we started a game of Monopoly. It’s going to take forever.

We have a version with US landmarks. It uses a miniature ATM machine and credit cards instead of paper money.

The ATM machine actually makes the game go slower. For each transaction you have to insert your card, punch in the amount and wait for the machine to process the transaction. It’s ok, though. Silas likes to operate the machine.

After we’d been playing for an hour, Silas suddenly paused and asked, “Wait! Remind me how do you win the game?”

“When somebody runs out of money,” I said.

Not long after that he landed on the Kennedy Space Center, which I owned. He had to mortgage the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was his first experience of going into debt. He got a little panicked.

That’s probably a good thing.

We should find more excuses to ban screen activities.