I need a way to keep track of people in my 2 small churches. (I'm a part-time Pastor for 2 small churches. That's a story for another day.) Yes, there are already apps for that. But these are small churches with tight budgets, and this gives me a programming project to work on.

The initial requirements are:

  1. I can enter and edit basic information about the people.
  2. I can print an attendance sheet for any given event, and then enter attendance information into each person's record.
  3. I can find the attendance data for any given event.
  4. I can select people based on various criteria or roles within the church (for example, by "lives in Lake Luzerne" or "all the trustees").
  5. I can create an email list of selected people.
  6. I can create snail mail labels for selected people.

I expect to do this in the spirit of the 100 Days of Code, but with the following modification: I'm going to work on this 1 hour a day but only on weekdays, taking US federal holidays off.

Because this is the first project in a while, I'm going to write it in PHP. (Stick with what's familiar.)

I've created a repository for this on GitHub, where you can see the code as it develops. I won't be posting every day, but I'll put a note on Twitter whenever I've worked on it (per the 100 Days of Code guidelines).