Silas picked up My Singing Monsters from his friends a couple weeks ago. He’s been playing it a lot.

The other day he started asking if I’d buy him diamonds for the game. Diamonds are for speeding things up. Things like hatching new monsters. And for buying new monsters.

“Can’t you do without them?” I asked.

Of course, he couldn’t. But I didn’t believe him.

I started doing a little research myself. As it turns out, you can do without them. There isn’t anything in the game that can’t be done without them. It’s just harder.

Besides there are ways within the game to get diamonds without paying for them.

So if your kid tells you that you have to buy diamonds to get to the next level, or whatever, they’re lying. Or bullshitting. Whatever.

The downside of having come up with this brilliant parental “cheat code” is I had to play the game myself for a while in order to verify that, indeed, it can be done without buying diamonds.

Now I’m addicted myself.

Oh well.

I’m still not buying any diamonds.