As of today, Google is lowering the ranking of sites that aren’t mobile friendly.

You might be wondering, “Is my site going to get hit?”

There’s an easy way to find out. Google has provided a quick website check page where you can enter your web address ( and it will tell you whether Google sees your site as mobile friendly.

Here it is. Go test your site. I’ll wait.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test (opens in new window)

Well, how’d you do?

I hope your site passed. Being mobile friendly means your site is ready for the more than 50% of all online visitors who use mobile devices. That’s right, ***more than 50%***. And, as of today, it means your site will continue to do just fine on Google.

50% Is a Huge Number

It means, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re probably losing more than half of your visitors.

Let me clarify: If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you already have been losing visitors. And if you don’t make your website mobile friendly, you’re going to be losing even more of them with every passing week, regardless of what Google is doing today, because every day more and more people are doing their web browsing on mobile devices.

If Google is lowering your search ranking for being mobile unfriendly, that’s really the least of your online problems. Your website is probably overdue for a makeover.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

Sometimes, when you know something isn’t right but you’re not sure what to do about it, it’s easier to put it on the back burner, to ignore it. Websites can be one of those things.

But being embarrassed by your website feels awful. I’ve seen it. I’ve had one Director of Outreach of a nonprofit hand me her business card and not even make eye contact. “Don’t bother with the website,” she said. “Just call.” I looked at the website (because that’s what I do). It was awful. I called her. The next year, I were in the same room at a regional event together. “We have a great new website,” she said to everyone. “You should check it out.” Her eyes sparkled. The difference was night and day.

Your Website Is an Asset

Or, at least, it should be. But like any asset, it needs your investment. It needs your ongoing care. It needs to evolve to meet the demands of the online world.

Today that means making sure your site is mobile friendly. Don’t put it off. Don’t live another day with the embarrassment.

And if you need help figuring out where to begin, that’s ok. I can help you figure that out. Ask me about a Website Assessment and Discernment Session.

Your website should be something you want to tell people about. It should make your eyes sparkle. And now, the Almighty Google has spoken. What are you waiting for?