The movers will arrive at 8am on July 2, or so they tell us. They intend to have our stuff unloaded in the new place (Potsdam, NY) by the end of the day.

We’ve been slow with packing. I have kitchen stuff all out on the counters, but can’t seem to get it into boxes. I keep thinking I’ll need it to make dinner before. We still have to eat.

I haven’t packed any clothes, either, up to now. I still have to wear clothes.

Nor have I packed up anything in my office. I still have to work.

People have started asking if we’re packed yet. I keep saying — as if it were a joke, but it’s not — “We’ll throw it all, willy-dilly, into boxes on July 1.”

Brooke got several different colored and patterned rolls of duct tape for sealing the boxes. The plan is to have them all color-coded in this way for sorting out at the other end.

The cable guy comes on June 30 to turn off the internet and take the TV box away. So if the internet is down between June 30 and whenever we get it going again, just hang tight. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Brooke will be the new pastor at the Potsdam United Methodist Church. The District Superintendent says she has a proposal for me to do a gig. Presumably at another United Methodist Church somewhere nearby. So, in addition to being the Dad of Awesomeness (this blog) and the website guy (see, I’ll also be the Pastor on the Edge again. I’ve pulled that old site out of the mothballs. Stay tuned.