A couple weeks ago I posted a quick bit on a couple of the tools I use every day.

Here are a couple more:

Transmit for FTP

Transmit is simply the best FTP client out there. Yeah, when you’re working on a big project you probably want to deploy from version control. But sometimes you just want to download a few files to look things over — or it’s not really a project, just a “hey can you update a couple files” situation. Or, you’re working on something in Sublime Text and need to get it onto a remote development server. Transmit is my go-to. Transmit costs $34. They’re not paying me anything to promote it. I’m just saying the price of admission has been worth it for me.

Sequel Pro for MySQL

This is a fairly new tool in my toolbox. At first, I wondered why I needed it. After all, there’s PhpMyAdmin. But Sequel Pro makes dealing with MySQL WAY easier. Yes, I said WAY. MyPhpAdmin is fine for basic routine stuff. But if you want to look at table relationships, triggers or any in-depth analysis of database issues, Sequel Pro provides an intuitive way to get there. As a bonus, there’s a console built right in, so you have the best of both worlds without switching apps. Not bad for a free app!

Photo Credit: Ard Hesselink