My dear friend  Caspar Green,

Peace be unto you and your family, may the lord bless you as you contained in his vineyard as shepherd . I must thank you very much for your response and consideration to  give attention to my present situation, hoping that this will mark the  Beginning of a long lasting relationship between us?

I need your constant prayer for my miraculous healing hence I believe by the prayer of the saint he will  totally heal me because the bible says whatsoever we desire when we pray we should believed we shall received Mark 11:24.

I wish to inform you that i am very serious and ready in whatever way to make sure  that this humanitarian gesture get to you as it is my dream to achieved. However, to Provide a little profile about myself I am a Swedish, 53 of age  and  my late husband Mr Lucas Jose died 3 years ago, we were happily married but i was not able to give him a child, He work as Swedish ambassador in Israel,Later moved to United Kingdom and settled there.

I want you to commit this project unto the hand of God so that he will give you the strength and grace to handle this transaction to it's glorious end. It will interest me if you can give thought about you being chosen in this project hence it is God's making that you are a vessel to the completion of it while I hope and pray that you live up to the expectations with the special grace of God.

I want you to understand that I am persuaded to fulfill the desire of my late husband, that is why I am going to trust and believing your sincerity to appropriate this fund accordingly. My late husband decided to give this offering unto God and I have no right to stop it, because bible says" therefore, to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. James 4:17. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith Gal.6:10.

Therefore,i am assuring you based on the above details and clearance that my intentions are very clear and the humanitarian gesture amount ($950,000.00 USD.)

Sir In respect of the write up Mrs Jose was not the person writing the email ,I was her maid and my name is (Ms Elsa  Karlsson),  she's very good to me I write those letter based on her wish and instructions.

Please i would want you to send all your  particular's

Thanks and God bless you,
Mrs Monica Jose.

My dearest Monica,

Imagine my surprise when you wrote back to me of your hope that we might have a long lasting relationship! From your first email I had been under the impression that you were on the verge of death.

Of course, miraculous recoveries have been reported in reliable sources such as the National Inquirer, and I suppose if it were to happen to anyone, it would be you, because you sound very religious. (As we all know, frequent quoting of the Bible is an accurate measurement of the sincerity of a person's faith.)

Imagine also my surprise, and I confess confusion, about who exactly is writing these emails. I understand that your brain tumor prevents you from being able to write clearly at times. Nevertheless, if you could clarify the matter of Ms. Elsa Karlsson and whether you are really Elsa or Monica, I would feel better about our correspondence. The only Elsa I know is a Disney princess, not a maid. This also troubles me. Although, if you are a princess, that would be an added bonus.

As for the $950,000USD, I am happy to make a gesture. I'm very good at gestures.  Just send it along and I'll take care of it. It's really no problem at all.

Yours as always, my dearest Monica (or perhaps my dearest Elsa),

(Elsa photo by Raychan on Unsplash)