I read today’s post from Seth Godin and found this bit particularly true to experience:

Every time TV and social media become significant time sinks in a household, pleasure goes up and happiness goes down.

The more time I spend on Facebook, the more depressed I feel afterwards.

I’ve always had a troubled relationship with my Facebook account. There have been a few times when I’ve seriously considered shutting it down. I know one person who recently did. She probably made the right decision.

There are 2 reasons I haven’t:

  1. There are a few old friends that I really do want to have one line of contact open for. Though we rarely do talk even on Facebook, they are folks I don’t want to lose touch with. (Of course, I could just ask those folks for an email exchange.)
  2. Clients sometimes want me to do stuff with their Facebook pages, and I need a Facebook account for that. (I have several other social media accounts that I only ever log into when I need to do so for a client.)

But I have been reducing my social media time over the past few weeks. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t “liked” your latest few Trump memes, that’s probably why.

I’m still on Twitter: @i_Caspar. It’s brevity is it’s main appeal.

Otherwise, if you need to reach me: email.

— Caspar